UV Light, an Alternative 3rd Dimension of Art?

After many years as a lapsed philatelist I made a serious effort at bringing myself up to date with GB phosphor band varieties, and to this end I purchased long and short wavelength UV lamps and started a rapid learning curve. I was immediately struck with the variation in brightness and colour under long wave UV of both the stamps and some phosphor bands, I wondered if this could form the basis for being scaled up into some form of artwork under controlled lighting conditions.

Initial trials indicated that interesting visual effects could be achieved by controlled fading of tungsten lights in combination with UV lighting. The preferred option was achieved using a programmable Futronix P50 control box.

Eventually this technique was used to produce three collage impressions of famous Bradfordians, David Hockney, J B Priestley and Sir Ken Morrison, which are shown on this site. Therefore from one picture, it could be argued, that the extra wavelength of UV light can add a further dimension to a two dimensional picture as well as an added time element due to the fading technique.

(David Hockney experimented by introducing the illusion of time in paintings by ignoring perspective and drawing different sides of an object so that it shows what you would see in the time period as you walk past it.)

The UV theme has been extended to include photographs and transparancies painted with Starglow UV-revealing paints (Glowtec) which were re-photographed under UV light to produce novel effects that could be used in promotional work.

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